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Share your wisdom, free of sex-negative censorship.

Share your thought leadership.

Your business can be one of the first to be featured on PleazeMe, the sexy social media network. If you’re looking to share content and attract attention in the sex-positive space, this is the site you need to be on.

PleazeMe provides you the opportunity to connect with an interested and engaged audience that is specifically looking for content that will help them improve their sex lives and relationships. Our content channels are designed for sex-positive thought leaders that will provide content about relationships, intimacy and sexual well-being. We offer you the opportunity to share your ideas and your message undiluted and unfettered by the sex-negative censorship of other content platforms.

  • Users are all over 21 and actively seeking content, entertainment and products that are sexually-oriented.
  • You’ll be part of a site that is working to elevate the conversation around sex and sexuality.
  • Beta users will be automatically subscribed to premium channels when they join the site.
  • You can deliver content that drives users toward conversion on your product, whether it’s seminars, toys, books, or other items.
  • Unlike sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and others, you can build a following on PleazeMe without worrying that you will be banned for adult content. After content is what we’re all here for!

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* During Beta, certain features may not be immediately available, and may not work as expected.