Beta Site Agreement

Welcome to ("PleazeMe" or the "Website"), an adult social media platform owned and operated by Zeta media holdings, Inc. ("Zeta," "us," "we," or "our") that aims to be a catalyst for intimate innovation. We strive to inspire our members to embrace their sexual desires, improve their dating outcomes, and enhance their relationships. We promote happy sex lives for singles and couples by providing tools, resources and relevant information that they can use to improve their personal relationship with their sexuality and their partners.

We are excited to share the PleazeMe experience with you ("you", "I" or "prospective Member") and are grateful for your participation in this Website Beta Test. We anticipate that the collective feedback of our beta users will provide us with valuable insight into our prospective users’ experience with PleazeMe, and give us the opportunity to refine the user experience prior to our official launch. Your cooperation today will make our community better tomorrow. Thank You!

Now for some legal mumbo jumbo that our lawyers insist upon.

Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are part of this Beta Site Agreement (this "Agreement") that is being entered into between you and Zeta and constitutes a legally binding agreement.


I understand that prior to the date that Zeta publicly announces the launch the Website on its landing page located at ("Launch"), that certain elements of the Website are intended to be confidential in nature and not to be disclosed to other persons or entities. I agree that in consideration for participating in this beta test of the Website and receiving certain consideration from Zeta, that I will maintain the confidential nature of the Website, including but not limited to the user experience that Zeta discloses to me, any information shared with me by Zeta, the Zeta business plan or concept evident from the Website, the technical and other functionality of the Website, any surveys I participate in, Q&A I engage in, and other information or materials that I come in contact with during the beta test that I am participating in. I also agree to maintain my thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the Website confidential and to share such feedback only with Zeta.

I understand that I also may not disclose my participation in the beta test in any public medium or to disclose my perceptions of the Website publicly prior to Launch.


I agree to complete the beta test and provide my honest feedback to Zeta in a timely manner in accordance with the survey and other procedures established by Zeta.


I understand that the Website is not currently available for commercial use and is subject to errors, bugs and other technical issues and that the purpose of my participation in the beta test is to enable Zeta to resolve these issues prior to launching the Website to the general public.

Thank you for your participation in this beta test.